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Range Rules

Safety is paramount at Pine Valley Trap Club. Please review these rules all shooters must follow on the club grounds. Any shooter posing a danger to others will be subject to removal from the club grounds & membership can be revoked if a shooter continues to show poor safety procedures.



Any new shooter may ask for an introduction to trapshooting and gun handling procedures. Please let someone at the front desk know you are a new shooter and would like an introduction.

  • Maintain Muzzle control at ALL times.

  • No handling or uncasing of firearms when people are downrange.

  • Do not approach the firing line when an orange cone is placed on top of the trap house.

  • An uncased shotgun must be in use on the firing line or in the racks, unloaded with the action open where possible.

  • Always place firearms in the gun racks when not shooting. Never lay your gun on the ground or put the muzzle in the grass or dirt.

  • When moving with a firearm, have the action open and the muzzle straight up or directly at the ground.

  • No moving when the firearm is loaded or the action closed.

  • Actions may be closed only when it is your turn to shoot.

  • Load only on the firing line.

  • Only load ONE (1) shell at a time on the trap field. You may load two shells only when shooting trap doubles. Any exceptions must be cleared with the Range Officer prior to shooting.

  • Be sure the range is clear before shooting.

  • Single projectiles or larger shot are NOT allowed.

  • Small shot only (#7 1/2 or smaller)

  • All shooting shall be in front of the light poles.

  • Only clay birds thrown by the association machine may be shot on the trap range.

  • Pick up only your empties and only after your squad’s shooting is completed.

  • Help keep the area clean at all times.

  • All duds and misfired shells must be removed from club grounds by the owner. Do not leave them on the ground or put them in the trash.

  • Always check the barrel with a ram-rod after any abnormal discharge.

  • Shotguns must be of a sporting type. No home defense, tactical or pistol grips.

  • Patterning board is for target load shot only.

  • Eye and ear protection must be worn. Other persons in the vicinity of the firing line are urged to wear earplugs, earmuffs, or similar adequate ear protection

  • You are not allowed to pass a gun to another person while on the firing line. If you are sharing a gun, then each shooter must shoot his complete round and then pass the unloaded gun to the next person.

  • Follow all instructions of the Range Master, Shoot Management, and Club Management. Range officers are authorized to remove any shooter whose behavior is detrimental to the safe operations of any of the ranges.

  • Follow the Range Officer’s directions immediately. Arguing or unsportsmanlike behavior will cause you to be removed from the range and denied future shooting privileges

  • If an emergency cease-fire is called, all firearms must be immediately unloaded and placed in a gun rack. Do not handle firearms during an emergency cease-fire.

  • Only individuals that are shooting are permitted on the trap field unless they have the permission of the range officer before the round begins.

  • Only authorized personnel are permitted forward of the 16-yard line.

  • Individuals that have never shot trap before will be required to shoot their first round on a squad with other experienced shooters or under the supervision of an experienced individual authorized by the range officer.

  • All shooters are subject to a safety check at any time.

  • All shooters must be legally able to own and operate a firearm and not a “Prohibited Person” as defined by federal and state laws.

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